Brittany (BEA) Goodwin

is a New York City based 

stage director and librettist.

thats her on the piano!

"one of New York's most gifted young directors"

"directs with a deep sense of the pleasures of the physical & its merger with music"

Brittany works in the realms of opera & artsong, with a background in theatre & devising new works.

Take a peek at Brittany's upcoming engagements:


Tabula Rasa, a new Dada jazz opera with score by Felix Jarrar, explores the feminist story of muse and memoirist Kiki de Montparnasse throughout the 1920s in the Montparnasse quarters of Paris. 

Brittany spent a few weeks in Europe walking the streets where Kiki and her lover Man Ray used to live, love and make art. 

This work will have its premier May 4 , 5 , 10 + 11 at the gorgeous Blue Building in MidtownEast.

Photgraphed are Franker Fainer as Man Ray and Sara Lin Yoder as Kiki de Montparnasse by Orlando 

follow the cast/team on social media @kissesfromKiki 

have a listen to the opening song of the opera!

bea is adapting Kafka TOO!

Our favorite absurdist tale, Metamorphosis, brought to life

with the music of composer Christopher Poovey .

This show is a 2018 workshop through North Texas University & will receive a premier in 2019.


Brittany returns back to the amazing folk at dell'Arte Opera Ensemble to direct THE AMERICAN PREMIERE of Salieri's La Cifra!

She will be leading the first cast in the US to tackle this piece

The New York Times proclaims that dell'Arte Opera Ensemble provides

"fresh productions of well-known classics and rarities, performed by emerging talents"  

Brittany is honored to serve on the team for her third summer. 

Photographed is the fabulous mezzo Sophie Delphis by Brian Long, 

BEA is always up for a collaboration & loves coffee

keep up with me on social media : @begoodwin

& lets chat & plan on making things!